About Us

Aldersgate is a United Methodist congregation recognizing and cherishing a wide variety of religious traditions among our membership. We are committed to Biblical preaching, celebrating the Christian means of grace, creative study, and programming and Christian fellowship.

We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ calls us to active worship and responsible citizenship and are pleased to take an active role in ministry and service in Southwest Allen County and Fort Wayne.

What We Believe

"In Essentials, Unity;  In Non-Essentials, Liberty;  In All Things, Charity" John Wesley

Our Essentials
1. God's presence, love and grace surround us, go before us, and greet us on the way.

2. Commitment to Jesus Christ, as savior and Lord, is essential to being a Christian.  When we are baptized we become members of the community of faith.

3. The goal of the Christian life is to attain during our lifetime all the desired qualities of love enabled by the Holy Spirit.

4. The Bible contains everything we need to know for the practice of the Christian life;  it is most responsibly interpreted using the Christian community's best gifts of reason, tradition, and experience.

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5. We grow in our faith by practicing these Christian disciplines:
   Sabbath keeping and worship
   Prayer and Fasting
   Bible Study
   Receiving Holy Communion
   Being a part of a Christian community (group)
   Doing Christian ministry (service)
6. Evidences of the Christian life are these:
Love, Peace, Joy, Patience, Kindness, Generosity,
Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-Control
7. Eternal life is the free gift of God.

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Our Vision / Mission

Creating Christian Community...

  1. That values children and helps them grow in the light of love
  2. That meets people in the midst of crisis and walks alongside to find solace and solution
  3. That builds deep and caring relationships and fosters a sense of the joy of belonging
  4. That gathers together in worship that is dynamic, meaningful, and open to all

Safe Sanctuary

A Safe Sanctuaries Policy is in place to protect all those who come to Aldersgate and those that lead them.

Click on this LINK to read in detail our Safe Sanctuary Policy.

Map and Directions

The Aldersgate Community is on Getz Road, just South of Illinois Rd. and North of Jefferson Blvd. and the Times Corner Shopping Center.

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