At Aldersgate, we are known for being actively involved in      

       mission and service in our local community, as well as the              nation and even internationally.


  • We care for our members with acts of service and compassion. Everything from transporting those unable to drive themselves to appointments and helping with handyman projects around the house to the Stephens Ministers who come along side those going through difficult times.
  • Aldersgate has been serving a free, weekly meal for the needy and we’ve named it the Me-‘N-U Community Meal.  The meals are served every Thursday from 6:00 to 7:00 in The Street and we serve 100 - 125 meals per week.  Attendees should use the Academy entrance.  We have a Volunteer Information Form for those wanting to volunteer.
  • We provide both monetary support and hands on participation in partnership with numerous local agencies and ministries. We serve the homeless, food banks, childrens services and more.

  • Go Green - We support efforts to recycle, reuse and renew our earth's resources.


  • UMCOR - United Methodist Committee On Relief serves in crisis situations around the world.


Fellowship dinner groups are back!!
Formerly called "Dinners for Eight",  we are now reorganized under the  name of "GaterPlate Scramble" (GPS).  

  • There is no requirement to be involved in every session if your personal schedules allow only periodic participation.   
  • Please help spread the word, especially to church members who may not have seen any information on these dinner groups.
  • New members, please consider joining a GPS dinner group as a way of becoming acquainted with more Aldersgaters!                                                        
  • You may request information and sign-up by phone, email or text.  Jenny Almdale 672-2240 (home), 750-8101 (cell),   Join us!

Group Life at Aldersgate is an important part of how we live out the Christain life. Groups meet on various days, times and places. If you want to become fully integrated into the life of the church you really need to be in a LINKSGroup where you share your lives and experiences with one another.

In a Small Group/LINKSGroup you:

  • LEARN - Groups share in a variety of learning opportunities. Some follow up the Sunday message with a study to dig deeper on the topic. Some use video based discussions or books while others study the Bible. 
  • INVITE - Participants look for opportunities to invite others into the life of the group. Why keep something good to yourself?
  • NURTURE - Members care for one another especially during the most difficult times, providing support, comfort, and care.
  • KOINONIA - It just means "fellowship" in the Greek. Groups have lot's of fun and food along with the friendships.
  • SERVICE - Groups work together as a team to provide ministry and service to the world, putting faith in action. There's something about serving together that makes it even more fulfilling.