We are pleased to introduce you to the Aldersgate Community. 

Aldersgate is all about Feeding Hungry People. Hungry bodies through feeding programs and fellowship meals, hungry minds through learning/discipleship gatherings and groups, hungry souls through lively variety of worship and spiritual growth opportunities. We are proud to affirm our United Methodist connection. 

We are inclusive because Jesus was inclusive. We are welcoming because Jesus was welcoming. We emphasize grace and love because Jesus emphasized grace and love. We encourage commitment because Jesus encouraged commitment. We give away service to others because Jesus gave himself away. We are a healing place because Jesus healed. 

We trust you will find our people, facilities, and programs welcoming, inviting and hospitable. 


Q: How long is service?

A: Our service is 1 hour long.

Q: Where do I park?

A: Park in the large parking lot, click here for a map.

Q: What is there for children?

A: We have Cradle Care Nursery for kids ages 0-3, click here for more information. Children ages 4-5th Grade are invited to start in worship service but then are dismissed to go to Sunday School. Click here for more information about Sunday School.

Q: What do I wear?

A: Wear what you feel comfortable in, but you'll find most dress up a bit for church here.

Q: Do I have to give an offering?

A: You are our guest here, you do not need to give an offering until you are ready to do so.

Q: Do I have to be a member to participate?

A: No, you do not need to be a member to participate in worship, communion, or any of our ministries. 

Q: Will I be singled out in service as a guest?

A: No, you will not be asked to stand in service as a guest. But do know that there is a time where anyone who wants to stand and share any joys or concerns can do so at their discretion.