Youth Group

Ages 9-14  -- Our mission...
Equipping our preteens to live like Jesus...

Sunday Bible Study @9:30am

Where we empower our 9-14 year olds to become like Jesus at age 12, who is the greatest preteen role model that has ever lived - because it's never too soon to start living like Jesus! Our Youth Group specializes in engaging the imaginations and hearts of preteens and teens.

Sunday Nights @6:00 pm

Dinner is served each Sunday night at 6:00 pm followed by games and in-depth age appropriate Bible Study.

Every 4th Sunday, the youth meet at 4:00 PM at the Jorgensen YMCA for Faith and Fitness


As needs arise, our children,  and youth participate in a variety of mission projects locally, nationally and worldwide, helping those in need with generous hearts and giving hands.